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Instead, Sun Valley 2 will be similar to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, so you can expect minor improvements and a few new features. The newest version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system is here. Every week we share trending articles and tools in our newsletter.

For the Window Snip, select the window you wish to capture . Next, position the window or app for which you want to take a screenshot. Press the Print screen key on your keyboard, or press Windows Key + Shift + S. The Snipping Tool displays a toolbar at the top with a message asking you to draw a shape to create a screen snip . You want to be able to take screenshots in Windows 11. You can always turn to a third-party tool, but first you may want to check out the built-in screenshot app.

This is going to create a full screen screenshot that will be saved to a Screenshots folder in the Pictures folder. Microsoft Edge has a new feature to take screenshots of webpages. If you’re a Windows user, the absolute simplest way to take a screenshot of your entire screen area is with thePrint Screen button, which is usually on the top right on most keywords. You can then use theCtrl + V keyboard shortcut to paste the image.

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I would suggest people focus on the speed difference alone. Memory and data are better orchestrated for a more user-friendly experience. This is an important step towards integrating your phone and computer.

  • Microsoft Teams, the company’s videoconferencing and chat software, is getting a big update to make it more like a systemwide messaging app.
  • To do this, when your manufacturer logo comes on the screen, press F12 or F2 to jump into the boot menu.
  • Many of the users who migrate to Windows 11 from previous versions of the system expect a much smoother performance…

Click the Start Capture button to start the capturing process. The program should disappear into the taskbar, where it will remain while taking the screenshots. Unfortunately, the best thing you can do to hide it is put it inside the overflow section in the notification area. All of your saved screenshots are automatically sent to this folder, and can be accessed at any time. Then you need to paste the screenshot somewhere as it’s saved to your clipboard.

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This will appear when using ALT + TAB, Task View, and Taskbar previews. The first of those updates is known as Windows 11, version 22H2. I touched on some of the updates this version will bring to Windows 11, but it is expected to tweak many things people have complained about like the ability to drag and drop to the taskbar. It even will bring new touch gestures, improvements to Snap Layouts, new Alt+Tab visuals, and so much more. Thanks to optimizations in the way that Windows 11 handles apps and processes, Windows will favor your foreground tasks, and ensure they get the most system resources. Microsoft’s own test, combined with Edge’s Sleeping Tabs feature, saw an average savings of 32% for memory and 37% for CPU usage on Windows 11.

If you are using an international keyboard, go to “Settings” and then “Device” and then “Keyboard” and then “View keyboard shortcuts” to find keyboard shortcuts for your device. To take a partial screenshot, press Shift+Ctrl+Show windows and then click and drag. Here’s how to easily screenshot, save, and share a snippet on your Chromebook. Capture your screen, add a webcam and use narration to customize your video.

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